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the fine art of moving digital media

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Commentatry: Micahel Meiser

While chatting with Michael Meiners recently, the topic of conversation turned to collaboration and Michael made some remarks that were so relevant to the "Collaborative Video" article that I had to ask him if I could include them:

I can imagine a Star Wars created by collaboration of it's most uber fans.
That's what makes Wikipedia rock.
What a small group of star wars fans can do with a $20K budget as with Star Wars Revelations.
Now imagine the economics of creating the movie.
Creating a collaborative process to which these people can create the movie themselves.
The creation becomes part of the entertainment.
Costs are infinitely less.
Community and possibility sales stronger.

Click here to view collaborative star wars video.

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Cool. My grammar isn't to great in IM, but I think the point is clear. Instead of George lucas making the entire film, he builds the system and works with the community that makes the film. His product becomes engineering the social aspects. Collaboration and sharing then becomes a part of the culture, not IP hoarding. What's more there's still a tremendous product when finished, a tremendous amount of word of mouth marketing, and still 99.9999% of the world will be seeing the movie through the theatre or other pay mechanism. Just a fun thought. Key terms: Collaborative Creation / Social Capital / Co-creation

BTW, that url is from the Apollo Pony development site. Cool that you posted it, but the full site is now live so for archival reasons you might want to update it to: http://apollopony.net/2005/05/star_wars_revel.html

Posted by: Michael Meiser | Jun 1, 2005 9:50:35 AM

Oh! it just hit me! Lucas's product become the PLATFORM on which content is produced. It's the future of business... It's not just some sort of wiki. It's facilities, online collaborative tools, software such as 3D rendering, capital, and whatever else the community needs. In this way it becomes not just about creating one movie but a catalyst for a creative community capable of spurring all sorts of creative works.

Posted by: Michael Meiser | Jun 1, 2005 9:53:39 AM


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