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Wow how time flies

A lot has happened over the last days, months, years.

In October I will be getting together with a large group of people I had the pleasure to work with at GaSonics, a company founded by my father Monte. I joined as the 7th employee and was fortunate to be on the ride as we grew over the years to nearly a thousand worldwide. It's been over 4 years since we sold the company to Novellus and a few weeks ago there were a few ex-employees that happened to call with fond memories of our days together. We decided to have a re-union and people have been coming out of the woodwork from a period of over 25 years where they may have touched each others lives. It was an environment where we tried to bring forth values around the importance of running a profitable business, helping each other succeed in the way that they liked to perform, being #1 for the customer, recognizing we aint always so perfect by being humble, celebrating our accomplishments, maybe this worked sometimes and maybe we missed sometimes but we sure learned a lot and grew a lot wth each other and I'm sure we'll tell some great stories together, have some renewed connections and hopefully a good time when we get together.

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