More Gasonics memories

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A reminder of the good old days at Gasonics!

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Just a quick note as a follow up from my last few weeks.

Video on the internet is still a pain to move around but still easier than sitting on planes, trains and automobiles over the last few weeks........................

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We've been rather busy the last few months in diving into a couple of stimulating communities that are motivated around personal media. This is a two way affair of the mind and soul. People around the world are connecting in ways never before experienced.
I will be a lot more active in posting and hoping to engage in conversation around communities of artists and commerce.

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I'm Back

Time for some digital storytelling.
I hope to be able to pass on some of the fundamentals that I have experienced on my journey.
From the creative process to the business processs, from the quest for deeper meaning in my life to my wonderful experiences in gaining balance in my life with my family.
Passing on the art of learning is the most gratifying experience of all.
I hope I can do justice to a few of you in passing on a kernal or two of how learning has opened my horizons and as I say "lifted the front end of the boat" so I could see further ahead.

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Place holder

I'll be back.

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Been a while


Over the last few months I haven't posted to this blog, though I have in several other places.
We've been a little busy in pulling together some people, some media properties, some tools, and
several great experiences. We're really excited about what is ahead of us. Pulling together the pieces
to help give people a better on line experience has been an objective of ours for the last few years.
We have learned a lot about participatory media, where it's easy, where it's hard, how we've connected with others and how we've not always been so successful.

I'll be more frequent in my posting with issues and retrospectives.

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Digital Content Rights

We recently were confronted with a number of rights issues over the last few weeks.
We were looking at some of the issues surrounding the decision as to what value we place
on our efforts as it relates to the production of digital content. When we contribute to a project
that others have contributed to what value do each of place on our contribution to the digital content.
Can I use what you give me or do I need your permission? Do I have any way to identify what
attributions rights relate to creation, distribution or consumption of the digital content.

and come back for more on Digital Rights.

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Some Recent Posts about Outhink

Over the last month there have been a few post about people using SpinXpress.

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Wow how time flies

A lot has happened over the last days, months, years.

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Artists Rights

Morty Wiggins recently joined Outhink after a successful career in the entertainment industry helping develop artists and their relationships with their markets; both the entertainment industry as well as the consumer. Morty shares with us some of his thoughts about the implications of digital rights.

For additional information:
Creative Commons
Internet Archive

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